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Monday, June 13, 2011

Carpinteria Modular Home Set Videos

We put together a Youtube playlist with videos from our modular home set in Carpinteria, California.  See it the video here: link:

Organizing plans by type and not factory

Over the last few years we have struggled like a lot of modular builders with unstable factories that frankly kept going out of business.  To say the least, this is one of the worst things that could possibly happen mid-project.  We were fortunate to complete all of our projects prior to any major corporate shake-ups at the factories, but I have several contacts in the modular building industry that were not so fortunate.  We feel blessed that we were able to deliver on every contract as promised despite the stormy market conditions.

As the Great Recession grew longer and longer (on our 5th year now in California), we cleaned up our supplier list and stopped working with any factory that wasn't financially stable.  If a factory is stable and have a great product, a service department that you can count on, and there is a strong will to exceed the client's expectations then we will offer their product.  Without all of those conditions being met we decided we are not going to take any unnecessary risks with our client's project and money.

In serving our clients seeking custom designed projects, it became more clear that the clients do not care about the factory to start off with.  Clients looking for a modular home are looking to find a plan first.  Period.  Once the client has identified a plan they like, they want to identify the company that they will be working with and later on who the manufacturing sub-contractor will be.  Most modular home company's that build with several factories organize their websites by the manufacturer's brand name, which benefits no one.  The client's don't know the difference between each factory and aren't going to learn it looking at the distributor's website. 

So, being a company that has no problem changing directions when it makes sense, and also being a company that go their website hacked and had to redesign the site using newer high security design and management software (Joomla), we decided to make the change with our redesign.  Since we launched the site in its current form about 6 months ago we have been retaining a much higher percentage of our client's because the site is intuitive.  Its a simple thing but it has made a big difference in serving potential client's in the way that they think and then following up with more information and specifications about the factory that we plan to use to build their home with the specifications at the time of a formal proposal when that information becomes relevant.

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