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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Steel Framed Panel Packages - HSPs

We provide heavy steel panel packages (HSPs) for homes, schools, warehouses, or anything else you need a roof over.

heavy steel panels

Our HSPs come in 8 foot wide panels with rigid steel bar joists exposed on the inside and 3 inches of 4000 PSI concrete on the outside. The panels include both walls and roof structure like you see in the pictures on this post. We can do either a pitched or flat roof, per your preference. The panels are Miami-Dade Hurricane approved and have tested at an over 200 mph wind rating. They are the closest a low-rise structure will come to being as solid as a rock.  HSPs normally come as open panels because their weight would crush interior drywall when that panels are stacked flat on top of each other, but we can still place conduit and insulation in the panels.  It is feasible to set the windows and drywall the inside of the panels if stacked vertically, which involves special equipment to separate and brace the panels so the loads stays stable. Like all of our products, we can customize what we produce to meet your requirements and desires.

heavy steel panels

We ship our heavy steel panels anywhere in the world from our office in the Southeast US.  They can ship via truck anywhere in the southeast US, via multi-modal (truck-to-train-to-truck) transport anywhere in the US or Canada, or via Flat-rack (Sea Freight) anywhere in the world.  Tell us what you want to build and where you want it and we will get you a CIF price to that location.

heavy steel panels

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